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The intercom is a simple system, so we tried not to complicate it unnecessarily - we even simplified the installation and use of this device.
Our system makes it possible for you, in addition to a landline phone, to call from a mobile phone and thus talk to the person standing in front of your gate from a distance. If you want, you can also let people in even if you are not at home.

Intercom with usual functions

The basic concept does not change. You have an external intercom unit with a camera, if someone rings, you can talk to that person and let them in.

So what is the news?

No ugly indoor units are needed, because the intercom works inside the Pierre application.


  • You can communicate with the person standing in front of the gate and you can let them in, even from a distance, wherever you are.
  • Internal intercom units are no longer needed, but if you want a fixed point, you can set up an elegant tablet for this purpose.
  • There are no new applications or additional devices, you can use Pierre to control the whole house.
  • Pierre notices that when the intercom is active, the application automatically offers the option of opening the gate, which leads to even faster and more comfortable use.

Access control

Intercom integrated into the application

No additional unit required. The intercom becomes part of the mobile application. It can be combined with additional settings, commands.

Remote access and control

You can let guests, servants or couriers into your home from a distance, after making sure that it is safe to open the gate. Using a mobile phone, you can talk to the person standing in front of your door even from a distance.

Letting people into the building from a distance

You are not at home, but someone is standing at your door. It's not a problem, you can call the intercom using your mobile phone, regardless of where you are.

An elegant tablet on the wall

The classic internal intercom unit is no longer needed. If you still want a fixed point, we can place an elegant tablet on the wall, which will function as an intercom, but can also control all points of the house.

The intercom rings on a mobile phone or tablet

Imagine an ideal situation, when the intercom rings on a mobile phone or tablet, so you no longer have to get up and walk to the indoor unit, but you can answer and open the gate or door from your armchair.

Call, talk, open the gate even when you're not at home

Thanks to the camera, you can use your mobile phone to monitor what is happening in front of your gate or front door.
If someone rings, you can see who it is on your mobile phone, and with one click you can open the door or gate for staff, family members or the courier.