Smart AS Solutions

Smart lighting

Adequate lighting in your home shapes the room, highlights colors and textures, and can even affect your mood and health.
If you leave everything to Pierre, he will determine the appropriate amount and intensity of light for every time of day, for every activity or family gathering.
Minimal interaction, intelligent management and rational everyday consumption!

There are no rules, Pierre controls all kinds of lights

One of Pierre's biggest strengths is that it doesn't dictate the type or type of lighting you should buy. You can choose any form of lighting - Pierre will manage it!

The same applies to switches. Choose the model that best fits the interior - from classic to designer switches, you can choose any type.

Hybrid management

The concept of a smart home is much more than controlling all devices via a mobile phone - although this is undoubtedly a very important function. A smart house should complement your life, solve problems you simply don't want to deal with, but also give you the opportunity to enjoy your favorite activities.

Our experience tells us that the situation is similar with light switches, that's why we designed lighting management so that it is possible both from a mobile phone and using classic wall switches. In this way, you can reflexively use the switches as before, if you want to turn the light on or off.

Pierre will provide the most pleasant atmosphere and you will never again have to enter a dark room when you return, and when you leave the house, the lights will certainly not be accidentally left on.

Smart, economical solutions for the whole house

Intelligent lighting automation

It decides and acts according to your settings - regardless of whether it is based on time, dusk sensor, motion sensor, door opening, alarm or a complex combination of these factors.

based on time

You can set the exact time for turning on and off the lighting. In the case of garden or night lighting and lighting in industrial, office facilities and buildings, this function is essential.

Energy saving

When it comes to smart lighting, it will not happen that internal or external lights waste energy in vain. Pierre saves money and energy!


Light intensity that matches your mood is no longer a luxury! Pierre helps you to adjust the lighting in the whole house with one click, according to the occasion.

RGB color transitions

At appropriate moments, you can easily adjust any RGB color using the application. Surprise the housemates and guests!

Attendance simulator

Pierre can "pretend" that you are at home (for example, turn on/off the lights periodically) and thus contribute to the prevention of robberies and unauthorized entry.

Scenarios for every occasion

Personalized scenarios are easily created in the application, and with one click they customize the home and perform a large number of functions simultaneously. Scenarios can be, for example, "Good morning", "Home cinema", "Dinner", "Pool party", etc.

Hybrid ignition/extinguishing system

Controlling the system using a mobile phone suits the majority of users, but we still left the option of using classic switches, thinking of older and younger household members and guests.

Exclusive switches

If you want only the best, we recommend Jung designer switches of exceptional quality, which the Pierre system perfectly controls.

Wake-up function

You will no longer be in a hurry or be late if you leave the waking up to Pierre. Pierre raises the blinds, and the adjusted sound and light signals can wake up gently or intensively.

Svjetlosni alarm

If the alarm is activated for some reason, all the lights in the house turn on or flash to draw attention. May your valuables always be safe!

Night mode

Pierre is also responsible for the timely activation of ambient night lighting. Lower light intensity, economical and safe operation.

Classic switches - new perspectives

It's hard to imagine suddenly using an existing switch to control a completely different group of lights, isn't it? With Pierre, this is also possible! Each switch can be programmed, varied, replaced - moreover, with one switch you can even control several lights at the same time.

It is possible to create a scenario that will determine the operation of several lights at the same time. You can create a scenario that you will call "Good night" and set all the lights in the house to turn off and the night lighting to turn on. You can activate this scenario with one click, you don't have to go around the whole house before going to bed.

You can set the start of the scenario - according to the principle of hybrid control - to a physical switch, thus raising comfort to an even higher level.

Intelligent lighting automation

If we want to express ourselves professionally, the title would mean that the state (on/off) of any type of lighting can depend on the state of any sensor. The sensor can be a motion sensor, a day-night sensor, a magnetic switch or any other.

Pierre allows you to set up routine actions that will make your everyday life easier.

For example, the light will turn on if the motion sensor detects you, but only if the day-night sensor has reported that it is dark enough to require lighting.

These routine actions can be much more complex than this example, but they can also be much simpler - for example, a light can turn on when the garage door is opened.

Of course, there is also the possibility of automation based on time. It can be easily set to turn on the exterior lights only at night. The number of possibilities and options is unlimited.

The lighting of your home can be completely adapted to your needs.

Dimming (smoking) light and RGB lights

Are there times when you want to adjust the lighting to your mood? Pierre is here to help you!

Potreban ti je samo Pierre kontroler da postigneš željenu jačinu svjetla i odgovarajuću nijansu RGB rasvjete – tačno onako kako trenutak zahtjeva.

Nekad jednostavno nismo spremni za kompromis, želimo najbolje i najljepše. Pierre je spreman i za ove situacije. Prekidači Njemačke kompanije JUNG kombinuju Njemačku preciznost sa Italijanskom elegancijom, dajući tvom domu elegantnu notu, koju oduvijek sanjaš.
Pierre works perfectly with this family of switches, for style without compromise.

Lighting control

In offices and factories, it is not desirable to frequently change the mode of operation of the light source, because it interferes with work and creates unnecessary tension.

In such situations, you can provide limited access to certain users, while other users do not have access to lighting control at all.

Pierre ensures safe and balanced working conditions.

Exclusive switches

Sometimes we are simply not ready to compromise, we want the best and the most beautiful. Pierre is ready for these situations as well. The switches of the German company JUNG combine German precision with Italian elegance, giving your home the elegant touch you've always dreamed of.

Pierre works perfectly with this family of switches, for style without compromise.