Smart AS Solutions

Smart Home Functions

Pierre controller

Through the entire house/building, and even across multiple buildings, you can manage everything with a single application, which is simple, intuitive, and logical.

Smart entry

Security and flexibility at the same time. Choose and combine the options that work best for you. Enter with your mobile, rfid card or a personal secret code.

Smart lighting

Intelligent lighting control and automation. All types of lights can be controlled.


A modern intercom. Use your mobile phone to see and communicate with anyone standing at the front door. Let people in with just a click.

Smart Home Functions

Heating and cooling

Control the air conditioner and the heating system remotely. Pierre is compatible with all heating/cooling systems.

Smart alarm and camera system

There is no need for a separate alarm system. Pierre can do so much more than a traditional alarm system. Easy arming and disarming, multiple modes, perfect safety!


One of Pierre's greatest virtues. It responds intelligently to emergencies, storms, burglary, fire, gas leaks or even pipe ruptures.

Watering / Irrigation

The secret to a beautiful garden is proper watering. Whether it's a drip or lawn irrigation system, Pierre's sensors ensure optimal soil moisture.

Pierre functions

Why should I choose the Pierre smart home solution?

Lamps, cooling, heating, access, alarm, irrigation, shading, swimming pool, sauna, intercom - all controlled by one app.

You don't need an expert to set up automations, scenarios, alarms in the app.

The most beautiful and best user experience app on the market.

Easy installation.